Sunday, January 31, 2010

Concentration of Executive Power?

In addition to concerns about the composition and configuration of the Board of Trustees, there is another significant (and disturbing) feature of the proposed amendments to the GRCS bylaws--a change that has not been highlighted in the communications from the GRCS administration.

In particular, this concerns who has the power to amend the bylaws. We need to do a little comparative reading to see this notable change.

First, if you read the current bylaws that are in force, you will notice that Article XIII states:

That is, in the current bylaws, the power to amend the bylaws resides with GRCS members, not the Board of Trustees.

But now compare this with the "Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation" which, in Article XI--after affirming that only a majority of the membership could amend the doctrinal basis of the Corporation--then appends this little gem:
"The power to amend the Restated Bylaws, other than the doctrinal basis set forth therein, is reserved exclusively to the Board of Trustees."
(I should note that in the Town Hall meeting last Wednesday, this sentence was not noted in the taskforce presentation until I drew attention to it.)

And lest you miss the point, the final paragraph of the "Restated Bylaws" reserves the same power to the Board of Trustees:
"Unless otherwise required by law, these Restated Bylaws may be amended only by affirmative vote of a majority of the Trustees then serving..."
What we, as GRCS members, are being asked to approve are new articles and bylaws that would take from us the power to later change the bylaws! An approval of the Restated Bylaws and Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation would be a (supposedly) democratic relinquishing of the membership's democratic voice, concentrating power in the hands of the BOT. Is that what we want?

So what can you do?

1. Read all the relevant documents, analyze them for yourself, and see if you think my concerns are valid.

2. If you share my concerns, forward this information to other GRCS families who you think will share our concerns. There are easy ways to share this blog on the right-hand menu.

3. If you're able, attend the Town Hall Meeting at Rockford Christian School on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 7:00pm. (Unfortunately, only 8 people attended the Town Hall meeting last Wed. at Christian High. I think that's partly because it was scheduled on a Wednesday night, in conflict with many local church activities; partly because of a general disenfranchisement amongst GRCS members vis-a-vis the GRCS administration; and partly because the taskforce communications have downplayed the significance of what's included in the proposed amendments.)

4. Vote accordingly. Note that there are five different ways to cast your ballot for the March 15 election.

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  1. Thanks Jamie. I appreciate the information you shared and will be passing it along.