Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Town Hall Meeting @ Rockford Tonight

A reminder that there is a Town Hall meeting at Rockford Christian School tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 7:00pm to discuss the proposed amendments to the GRCS Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. For those who are unable to attend, I hope between now and March 15 that the comments thread of this site could function as a "virtual town hall" to continue the discussion.

Keep in mind the two key issues highlighted in earlier posts:

1. The proposed composition of the Board of Trustees provides no "checks and balances" on homogenization.

2. In the proposed amendments, the right to change the Bylaws (with a couple of exceptions) is reserved exclusively to the Board of Trustees. This represents a significant concentration of power in the BOT.

If you attend the Town Hall meeting tonight, do not be sidetracked by talk about process. I expect those attending will hear a lot said about how many people were interviewed, how much work went into the process, etc., etc. But the issue is NOT the process. What's at issue are the documents that have been put before us--the product of the process.

Furthermore, what's at issue is not what the BOT wants. What we want and what actually happens are two different things. I'm happy to assume that the BOT does not want a homogenous board; but there's nothing in the proposed policies and procedures to prevent that from happening.

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